Structural Wall Removal Services

Our unique renovation process begins with the initial consultation and ends with a wall removal or structural repair that is both safe and passes building inspection. We lay out this step-by-step process for all of our clients so they know what to expect as well as what you will achieve when you work with us.

Load Bearing Wall Removal and Structural Repair Services

The team at Ambrosio Construction & Renovations have extensive knowledge and experience in structural wall removal and repairs. Whether its removing a structural wall to achieve a more open concept layout, or repairing major structural issues in an older Century home, our team of designers, engineers, and trades can ensure this work is completed safely and give you peace of mind that your home is structurally sound.

Many people desire an open concept floor plan so that their homes can accommodate their lifestyle, make the space appear larger, or simply to get rid of the unsightly walls that are dividing up living spaces. While removing walls can help you achieve wide open spaces and solve your problems, many people hesitate to remove walls because of the complexity of the task and for fear that the wall in question may be load bearing. That is where our experienced team comes in. Contact us today for a free consultation on the feasibility of your wall removal ideas.

Removal & Structural Repair Services in Hamilton

Whether it’s a simple wall opening or a much larger structural job with multiple beams and posts, you can rest easy that our team has the experience to get the job completed safely and to code. Every structural job is unique to the home, and could include a number of requirements including new footings, posts, beams (steel beam vs LVL beam). Our team can effectively design a solution that is unique to your home and apply for the necessary building permits with the city and provide you with the necessary architectural drawings and plans. All drawings and plans are reviewed, stamped, and sealed by our engineers to give you and the local building department the assurance that changes made will not compromise the strength and integrity of your home.

We perform all the work with our own crew, causing as minimal disruption as we can throughout the process.

Concerned about the structure in your home?

After our initial consultation, our team will be able to complete a thorough assessment of your home from the basement up to the rafters to identify and assess any structural issues in your home. Once issues are identified, our team of engineers and designers can begin work to prescribe a remedy, and prepare the proper paperwork required by the city building department to get the repairs completed.

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